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Cameras, Lenses, and Photoshop

12:05 PM - July 7, 2014 by Dan Makela


The main thing to remember about photography is to just do it. Worry less about your equipment, and more about getting out there and shooting photos.

You'll need just a basic DSLR to get started. Worry about expensive equipment later.


DSLRs are preferred because they are geared towards taking photos manually. You can manually adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus and white balance. You can take long exposure photographs.


Lenses are the most important element on your camera, which is another reason to get a DSLR instead of a point-and-shoot: you can use different lenses. Most cameras come with a basic 15-55mm zoom lens, which will be fine to take some good pictures with.


Tripods are essential for taking high quality photographs because you can "lock down" the camera to get tack-sharp focus on identical positioning for multiple exposures. It's okay to start with whatever you can get your hands on, but if it's too light or cheap, it might move around a bit. Just keep that in mind.


It's not always necessary to edit your photographs on a computer, but it will add some really great capabilities that you will want to take advantage of. Use whatever you want - GIMP is good and free - But Adobe Photoshop is the standard if you want to get serious about photography.


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