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Welcome to EasyDigitalPhotoTips.com, a website with tips, tricks, and techniques for helping digital camera owners take great photos.

My name is Dan Makela, and I'm a long time photography enthusiast. I had picked up a Canon 5D to use for filmmaking, but as a result, found myself getting interested in taking photographs again. I started this website as way to help myself and others learn new photographic techniques in a way that's quick and easy to understand.

While I was brushing up on my digital photography skills, I ran across an e-book by Evan Sharboneau called "Trick Photography and Special Effects." A great deal of the information in this website comes from that course, and I highly recommend you take a look at it yourself. While I've included a lot of helpful information from that book, there's a ton more helpful tips and videos for you to check out there that you won't want to miss.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at danmakela@easydigitalphototips.com.

Evan Sharboneau


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